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I am pleased to offer a recommendation of BTD Brand for their work in marketing design and plan integration. They created, designed, wrote, and implemented both a temporary and permanent website for Firefly Kitchen & Bar within an extremely short time period. The sites were visually exciting, welcoming, and integrated with our social media, employment site, and gift card vendor applications. Their work was completed on time and on budget with very high quality. Their work was creative and on-brand despite not having a great deal of time or experience with the brand.


COO/President, Firefly Kitchen + Bar (former)

BTD Brand was the perfect partner for us. From layouts and designs that exceeded our expectations, to suggestions on the perfect fonts, to patience with countless changes, they understood what we wanted, gave us what we needed, and were always on time and within budget. I’ve worked with dozens of designers in more than twenty years of marketing, and BTD Brand is at the top of my list of recommendations. I cannot say enough good things about the BTD team and the quality of their work.


Senior Brand Manager, LYFE Kitchen (former)

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah and Lisa during my time at LYFE Kitchen. They were quick to pick up the brand voice, and it felt like they were an extension of our company rather than the traditional agency vendor. They turned out high quality work, and most impressively – hit every tight deadline that we had. They can do it all – from website design to in-restaurant POP kits, and are really easy to work with. I would strongly recommend BTD Brand!”


Digital Brand Manager, LYFE Kitchen (former)

serving up inviting brands with

branding strategy
restaurant logo design
system + business card design
brand guidelines
branded template creation
brand + logo refresh

dine-in printed menu design
fast casual menu board design
interior + exterior signage
pop displays & posters
to-go food packaging design
lto collateral & direct mail design

special event collateral
content development
creative copywriting
videography & photography
loyalty program materials
restaurant promotions

restaurant website design
app + online ordering graphics
restaurant social media
email + template design
restaurant email marketing
online guest engagement


We work with independent, franchised, and corporate-owned restaurants of all sizes as your go-to, on-demand, virtually-in-house  resource for everything restaurant marketing — from ground-up restaurant brand development to need-it-this-week print and social needs.

fueling restaurant marketing with

how do I brand a new restaurant?

who are your guests?
Good brands start with the customer, or in this case, your guests. They’re unique to your restaurant — different than those dining down the street and different from guests ordering to-go three states over. Defining your guests is the foundation of impactful branding & successful marketing.

why are you so special?
You don’t have to have crazy new cooking techniques or obscure, exotic flavors to attract attention. You just need to pinpoint your specialty and make sure your brand speaks that language. A corner bar isn’t going to (and shouldn’t) talk or look like the seafood eatery across town.

how do we communicate?
Once we determine your guests — the who — and your specialty — the what — we build a brand that reflects your restaurant and speaks to your guests. From there, branding is strategically used to communicate, entice, and delight your guests ultimately building trust, loyalty, and repeat visits.

my established restaurant has a:

strong brand
You’ve got a strong brand, guests recognize your look and know what to expect. But, just like day-old bread, things get stale and you need to use your brand to reinforce what guests already know & love and get new faces in the door. Direct mail? LTO signage? Delivery promotion? We’ve done it all.

expanding brand
Use the brand you got to get the results you need. New menu items? Change up the look and feel of your menu design to signal these changes to your guests. Additional locations? Communicate with locals through direct mail or targeted social media marketing.

confusing brand
So, you have a brand, but it’s not matching what you’re putting out there. No need for a full rebranding endeavor — just a refresh. Maybe it’s the logo or maybe it’s the photography, we’ll pinpoint the weaknesses, fill in the gaps, and flesh out a more refined, distinct version of your restaurant’s brand.

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