How a Remote Design Agency Works

Working from Home Has it’s Benefits…

When you think of a remote design agency, do grandiose images of aloof creatives lounging on a beach with a Macbook Pro in hand drinking Mai Tais all day fill your head? Well, for our creative team, that’s not the case. But, the benefits of working remotely sometimes do feel like the zen you get when sipping Mai Tais on a warm, sandy beach! 

Remote work means getting that much-needed extra hour of sleep instead of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. It’s having your own space and listening to your preferred music instead of hearing a coworker chomping on Doritos in the cubicle next door. (She thinks you can’t hear her, but you do. Oh boy, you do.) 

How Remote Work Works

We’ve been working remotely since 2012 when we first started BTD Brand, perfecting the way we work together as a team — apart. For us, an empathy-focused approach to our work and collaborative process creates a productive and judgment-free environment, perfect for fostering creativity and new ideas. It took us time to iron out some kinks and realize that silence on the other end of the Zoom call just meant their gears were turning. But, after almost 10 years, it’s safe to say we’re experts at working remotely, creatively.

Creative work benefits from both collaboration and from working alone. So as a remote design agency, we hold weekly virtual team meetings as a whole to discuss projects, check in with each other, and provide support, insight, and fresh perspective. Bouncing ideas off of each other every week keeps the creativity going. Then, we reflect on our discussions individually and work on projects without distraction. With Slack always open, check-ins and collaborations are just a message away.

Distractions & Productivity 

Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows distractions are everywhere. Nothing quite interferes with creativity and flow than an impromptu meeting or a coworker/boss interrupting you with a question or small talk. Plus, with open office concepts, most find themselves with limited privacy and little control over environment, noise, or even something as simple as the temperature of the room. 

Working remotely, we can create our own spaces to encourage creativity, comfort, and productivity. So if listening to your favorite podcast helps spark ideas and keep you focused, you can go ahead without bothering anyone else. And for those who need absolute silence, it’s no problem. When you have a space that inspires, you’ll get more work done more efficiently. 

Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom revealed in an intriguing episode of the Hidden Brain podcast that despite past stigma portraying remote work as unproductive or unprofessional, research showed the opposite to be true. Remote workers were 13% more productive than those working in the traditional office. This equated to almost an extra days worth of productivity per week — they were doing the same work, just at home.

What a Remote Design Agency Looks Like For Our Clients

Responsive. Resourceful. Receptive. These are our core values at BTD and what our clients can expect from us as a remote design agency. 


Whether it’s a do-or-die emergency or a quick how-to question, we’re ready to help. We’re available during regular office hours to hop on a call, email, video chat, or meet in-person. As a remote team, we are extra-flexible with our schedule and work around our client’s preferred way to communicate. 


We know how to get great work done no matter if you have a tight budget, tricky project, or a last-minute request. Every project, big or small, gets our full creativity, ideas, and solutions. To meet our client’s goals, we reject rigid processes and standard approaches. Rather, we create a collaborative and exceptional experience tailored to each client wherever they may be.


As we’ve had a lot of practice communicating with each other as a remote design team, we’re skilled at communicating and connecting with our clients and understanding their needs. We listen to our clients, ask questions, and integrate their key knowledge and insight into creative solutions for every project. Our client’s ideas and input fuel our ability to create an amazing, memorable brand and great marketing in the way that’s easiest for them (Zoom, phone, email, chat, etc.) 

Flexibility and Possibilities 

Working remotely allows us to be limitless. We’re able to collaborate and work with great talent from anywhere. (Our web developer lives in Guatemala!) This means our diverse clientele get the best creative, marketing, and branding through our strong partnerships, insights, and expertise regardless of location. 

We get to work with clients from Canada to Texas, and everywhere in between. We love hearing what’s happening in their neck of the woods and understand different perspectives.

That’s the beauty of being a remote design agency.

Our versatility and empathy-rich process makes remote collaboration a mutually rewarding experience for both our clients and the BTD team!

Have a creative project?! We’re ready to jump in, wherever you are!

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