A Collaborative Marketing Process Starts with Strong Roots

Flourishing Success for Every Marketing Project

While we wouldn’t exactly call ourselves gardening experts at BTD Brand, (though Sarah & Lisa are both dabbling in hydroponics and our writer Lauren has successfully kept both of her plants alive so far. Yes, both.), we know throwing handfuls of random seeds arbitrarily at the ground probably won’t result in a blossoming garden. 

The same holds true when tackling any brand or marketing project. We make sure our team is all on the same page and understands the plan and goals to ensure a successful and cohesive project outcome! Otherwise, we’ll have the equivalent of tomatoes running wild in one direction, chives taking over swaths of lawn, and the peppers, well the peppers don’t know what’s going on. 

When we align our team and come to agreement on the elements critical to the success of a project and how we will get there, we’ve laid the groundwork for a flourishing result. And yes, there will be many more gardening puns to come.

Why You Want Everyone to Get their Hands Dirty (in a good way!)

Building a Collaborative Marketing Process: Why You Want Everyone to Get their Hands Dirty

Once we get project details from a client, our process begins with an introductory project meeting with every team member that will be involved in the project. This is the space for ideas, brainstorming, and questions before we jump into work. It’s creating the rich soil, building the foundation needed to bring the project forward.

The introductory meeting ensures everyone gets in on the project at the very beginning. The design team and copywriters come together to understand the project even if their role doesn’t come until the end. We’ve found this process saves time and prevents countless stumbling blocks down the road.

In fact, the blog you’re currently reading is a perfect example of this process in action, and is much like the process for client marketing and brand projects!

To create this blog, our team came together for an initial meeting. We discussed the overall idea for the blog, our goal in writing the blog (to help you our lovely reader create your own collaborative process for success!), and the main bullet points we wanted to communicate. We needed content, a headline, design, graphics, social media graphics, SEO, and marketing strategy to ensure the content and design all aligns with our brand.

Because we started with an introductory meeting, myself as the writer knew the exact direction our creative director Lisa had envisioned and our designer Lindsey was able to create great graphics that beautifully represent our ideas. The same holds true when working with our clients. When everyone is aligned and understands the project goals we ensure client goals and deadlines are met with ease.

How We Sprout New Ideas Again and Again Using a Collaborative Process

How We Sprout New Ideas Again and Again Using a Collaborative Process

A collaborative marketing process creates an inclusive team and client environment where everyone feels comfortable to share ideas. When it comes to ideas, we welcome the good, the bad, and the ugly. We never know which idea may spark a great idea – that’s why we don’t hold back and share whatever pops into our heads no matter how abstract or silly.

Ideas for how to execute a specific marketing campaign or branding project can come from anyone (the client, the copywriter, the designer, the brand strategist). The best design idea may come from your sales person.

When our clients come to us with a new project, we take into account the size, timing, impact, and overall goals. Whether it’s a quick, just-need-to-get-it-done project or a brand or larger marketing project, every team member involved knows the scope, vision, and goals so the end result is everything the client envisioned. The initial meeting provides the opportunity for all ideas and possibilities to be shared. The seeds (or ideas) have been planted. And while not all seeds will sprout, and some may sprout and be tossed later, this is the point where more is better!

Nurturing the Seedlings and Planted Ideas

Nurturing the Seedlings and Planted Ideas

The next step after our initial project meeting is to reflect individually. The seeds have been planted during our team meeting. Now it’s time to water those babies. Like little seedlings, ideas need time to grow and build solid roots. Working individually, we continue to nurture ideas and come up with new ones or variations on the initial project plan.

During this part of the collaborative marketing process, inevitably new individual questions or challenges also arise which can then be brought to the attention of the whole team who together can help resolve any issues and find creative solutions.

Getting Into the Weeds

We come back together again as a team to review ideas, toss around new ones, and address any concerns or issues that cropped up since the initial meeting.

At this point in the process we also let go of ideas that haven’t panned out like expected. A little weeding of sorts! We narrow in on the best ideas, building and nurturing to help them grow into incredible design. 

Our client’s insight and expertise is also crucial during the “weeding” process. As an essential part of our team, clients provide guidance on which ideas they love, which may need more polish, and the ones that go right in the compost pile.

Harvesting the Fruits of Our Collaborative Marketing Process!

Harvesting the Fruits of Our Collaborative Marketing Process!

Now is when we put all our ideas together and into action, working to create the final project. While each individual team member works on their own piece, we stay in communication with each other and with the client, always sharing feedback to keep our team aligned and on the same page.

Client feedback is shared at all points during the project, ensuring the whole team understands the client’s goals, needs, and vision for the project at hand and future projects to come. 

When you work with a team that’s aligned through a collaborative marketing process, all assets and parts and pieces for your marketing campaign or design will come together beautifully and you’ll have a bountiful harvest of brand-appropriate blooms. 

Have a creative project?! We’re ready to jump in, wherever you are!

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