Is Your Creative Agency Listening to You?

Stop Mojo Killers

Have you ever been revved up to dive into a marketing project only to hear “That’s a bad idea” or “That’s not how it’s done.” Hearing these mojo-killers can stop your creative process in its tracks — hinder your confidence, new ideas, and stall progress on any marketing project.

Don’t let these mojo-killers stop you! Instead, find a creative agency that’s ready to listen and find ways to best use your key knowledge, experience, and insight as fuel for amazing and creative brand and marketing results! Marketing and branding projects should be a collaborative process between you and your creative team. If the creative agency you’re working with overshadows or brushes aside your insight and ideas, your project will inevitably suffer and it’s unlikely your vision and goals will be met. Your input is critical to your project’s success!  

A creative agency that kills your mojo is a huge red flag. Rather, a creative team that gives your ideas a try, listens to your concerns, and acknowledges and respects your expertise in your field creates the right environment for growth, creativity, and the best possible solutions for your project. 

Benefits of Creative Agency That Listens To You:

  • Gives your ideas a try
  • Acknowledges and respects your expertise in your field
  • End result is aligned with your business goals and not the goals of the creative agency
  • Creates open communication
  • Feel comfortable voicing concerns without offending egos
  • Makes the creative process more enjoyable for all

For us, we begin by understanding your brand, your goals, and your audience because they will be different from every other client. We always tailor design to your specific needs and goals, which results in unique brand and marketing that represents you and no one else. The creative agencies that opt for a cookie-cutter approach may save on time and resources, however, your brand and marketing will undoubtedly suffer and likely not turn out how you envisioned. 

What comes next?! 

Here’s a quick look at how we work with clients and how we approach a brand and marketing project. If the creative agency you’re working with skips any of these steps, you may want to keep shopping around!

Our Process:

  • Begin by understanding your brand, your goals, and your audience 
  • Gather input from you the client 
  • Whether it’s an extensive brand development or a simple social media marketing graphic, we provide options so the client can see which feels right – there’s always more than one way to reach your business goals.
  • We welcome and encourage input from you by asking strategic questions so that the end creative result matches your brand and your business goals. 
  • Deliver your brand and marketing! Whether it’s all the brand assets, logo versions, color formulas, etc you’ll need to create future marketing, or a print-ready file that’s good to go.

Your voice should be heard and listened to. You know your brand and business better than anyone — make sure the creative agency you work with takes advantage of your insight and expertise, and doesn’t kill your mojo!

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