The Perks of Working with a Small Design Team

Big Things Come in Small Packages

“Bigger is better” might make sense when it comes to dishing out chocolate cake (because cake!). But, when it comes to choosing your design team, bigger may not always be better. 

Your project needs, goals, challenges, and even down to how you approach your work, communicate, and connect with others should all be considered when deciding to work with a big or small design agency. 

What It’s Like to Work with a Small Design Team 

With a small design team, you know exactly who you’re working with. There’s no “man behind the curtain” mystery or middle person you need contend with to get your questions answered. And, you don’t need to wonder who you should contact to understand what’s happening on your design project.

You’ll work directly with the designers and creatives working on your project — you’ll know their names, specialties, and design process. 

Here’s our BTD Brand team! Or, the BTD Brand Bunch!
Small Design Team, Lisa
Give creative director and designer Lisa a giant mug of hot tea and put on a good true crime podcast and she gets right into the groove, not only solving your design problems, but maybe a few crimes along the way too…
Small Design Team, Lauren
An absolute night owl, you’ll find copywriter Lauren watching movie marathons into the wee hours while playing word games on her phone – building her extensive vocabulary after dark! (And with movie subtitles on, we’re counting it as extra reading too ;))
Small Design Agency
Brand strategist Sarah has a knack for knowing exactly what our team needs, whether an encouraging word or a proper snack break with some of her delicious homemade baked goods. And as Sarah took up beginner tap dancing this year, you know she’s not one to back down from a challenge or afraid to try something new! 
Small Design Agency, Steve
Our lead sales and business development guru, Steve, is like John Wick but way more friendly and without all the weaponry. He’s the best at his job, has an unbeatable network of professionals, and will go to the ends of the earth for his lovable ivory lab Max. 
Small Design Agency, Lindsey
If Steve is John Wick, graphic designer Lindsey is Liam Neeson. She has a special set of skills. From taking on her own home renovations and DIY projects to creating the most mouthwatering charcuterie boards we’ve ever seen, we have yet to find something she can’t do!

Working alongside the creatives means you can discuss your project with the strategic brand designers themselves (Sarah, Lisa, and Lindsey!). They’re at the ready, answering any question or detail about the process and decision-making. There’s no middleperson. We collaborate directly with you. Because we work personally with you and because we’re a small design team, nothing gets lost in the shuffle, allowing us to effectively incorporate your ideas, streamline processes, and meet deadlines. 

More Flexibility, More Convenience 

As a small design team, we have the flexibility to work with your schedule and meet your unique needs. At BTD, our core values are responsive, resourceful, and receptive. 

Responsive means we’re ready to help whether it’s a major emergency or just a quick question. And because we’re small, you won’t contend with any rigmarole. For instance, if you’d like to set up a quick meeting to discuss a particular element of your project, finding a convenient time is much simpler with a small team! 

When it comes to resourcefulness, we’re definitely experts as a small agency! We’ve had over a decade of experience navigating both big and small projects. So when it comes to your budget or a challenging project, you get our full creativity and tailored solutions. We’re working for YOU and YOUR goals, we’re not working for ‘Name O. Big Agency’s’ new wallpaper and shiny awards.  

For us, being receptive means listening to our clients and understanding their needs. We ask questions and gather your expert insight and knowledge so we can translate it into incredible design, brand, and marketing. And just as we connect and communicate with our clients, we know how important it is to communicate with each member of our team. Being a small design agency makes it easy for each team member to always be on the same page and readily communicate with one another, ensuring nothing is lost-in-translation or overlooked so the client gets exactly what they envisioned without all the back-and-forth! 

No middleman. Work directly with designers

Removing Headaches

At BTD, we’re all about removing hassle, friction, and frustration along the way, all while making you look great! We’re able to do this as a small agency by implementing an empathic framework for defining and managing brand, marketing, and design projects. 

So what does an empathic framework look like?

With an empathic framework, we have a deep understanding of your needs, from big goals including your timeline, budget, and project vision, to smaller details such as your schedule preferences and preferred way of communication. An empathic framework guides our approach so every step throughout the process is designed to anticipate and meet your specific needs and goals. 

Bigger agencies can routinely feel the pressure to churn out project after project, often resulting in cookie-cutter design and reused ideas. As a small design team with an empathic approach, we’re able to give your project our full attention and brain power to create unique designs distinct to your brand, company identity, and values.    

Go-To Partnerships

While we’re a small core team, we’ve cultivated great relationships with a network of specialized creatives and doers who are our go-to partners when we need specific work done on projects. Because not every project needs a certain expertise, we’re able to keep costs down and save our clients money by only bringing in our partnerships when needed. So no matter your project needs beyond branding, design, and marketing, we have it covered (or, we can point you in the direction).

Go-to Partnerships. Design professionals

Working with a small design team certainly comes with some great advantages. And with more insight into the perks of collaborating with a small core team of creatives, you now have more choices and opportunities to find the best fit for your needs and project goals. As they say, “Big things come in small packages!”

The BTD Brand Team’s Pawfessionals. Gemma, Max, and Tia!
BTD Brand Pawfessional Gemma
BTD Brand Pawfessional Max
BTD Brand Pawfessional Tia
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