Firefly Kitchen & Bar

kitchen & bar


restaurant branding

More than logo and colors, the restaurant branding needs to be versatile, yet cohesive with restaurant marketing applications always in mind. Without the right brand elements, marketing pieces can start to look the same and be overlooked. With the right variety, brand elements can be mixed and match to create countless, brand-appropriate piece that command attention.

The Firefly brand includes a primary logo with custom typography, seal, and graphic elements that work in harmony with an expanded color palette, food photography, and photographic textures to communicate a natural warmth indicative of handcrafted cooking. Metallic elements provided a contrast to the natural textures to signify the high-quality, upscale feel of the concept.

website design + email marketing

The Firefly Kitchen + Bar website was designed to make it easy for the user to make a reservation, see location details, and view the menus. Textures and food photography were main elements to communicate the experience you get from visiting the restaurant and showing the quality of food.

Email marketing delivered offers to encourage loyalty and repeat visits, while building the brand through creative copy and visual brand elements.

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